Wilkins’ Winners:

This week I’d like to recognize Eric, Aaron, and Quinn for their outstanding acting abilities!  We had tryouts for our class play and these boys did a fantastic job embracing their parts.  We actually have quite a few thespians in our mix, but these three surprised me with their desire to really play their parts.  Read the 6th/7th grade description below to learn about the play.

Top Dojo Point Earners

6th graders:  Meredith & Daniel

7th graders:  Donald & Ryan

8th grader: Zarita & Jenicca


8th Grade

This week we reviewed chapter 3 and the writing of the constitution.  We’ve also merged our Language Arts with a bit of Catholic history and we are reading the Book of Maccabees to better understand the history of our religion.  Students have been assigned two chapters of the books and they have summarized the first one.  We also watched a short movie on the Maccabees to understand the outcome of the story we are delving into.

Advent & Jesse Tree: In our homeroom class, we are creating a Jesse Tree that helps us understand the ancestry of Jesus.  This Advent tradition is where students are assigned a date and Bible scripture that tells a story.  The students create an ornament that is decorated with their Bible story and they write a prayer that goes with it.  Each day a new ornament is placed on our Jesse Tree as we journey together this Advent season.  On their given day, the students are responsible for telling their assigned story and leading the class in the prayer.



For grammar we worked on pronouns this week.  It was a review for 7th grade but, 6th graders learned the difference between the subjective, objective, and possessive pronouns.  We also had a lesson on intensive pronouns.

We’ve combined our Language Arts and history class for the next couple of weeks.  Because of the Christmas season, and our Catholic heritage, we skipped ahead in social studies to Chapter 5, and we are learning about Judaism, and Ancient Hebrews.  This leads us to the Hanukkah play we are putting on in class.  So far this week we are talking about how to read a script, and how to read italics.  The play teaches the students about why the Maccabees were so important to the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah.


Upcoming Events:


  • 7th WED All school reconciliation
  • 8th THU 8am Mass
  • 9th FRI Progress Reports
  • 12th MON Our Lady of Guadalupe Play
  • 16th FRI 10am Christmas Pageant, Noon Dismiss
  • 19th-30th Christmas Break


  • 3rd TUE School resumes
  • 6th FRI Noon Dismiss
  • 16th MON No School
  • 18th WED Bake Sale
  • 20th FRI Noon Dismiss (teacher work day)
  • 29th SUN Open House – come visit us after Mass!
  • 28th– 3rd Catholic Schools Week

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