Wilkins Class Update Week# 16

Wilkins’ Winners:

I have noticed a huge effort on Quinn’s part to be on task this week.  He’s been thoughtful about raising his hand and turning his work in.  Great job Quinn!

Top Dojo Point Earners

6th graders:  Claire & Theresa

7th graders:  Raymond

8th grader: Ashley

Language Arts:

We started our new year by talking about how to set SMART goals.  Students then wrote three New Year resolutions, and we will be creating a bulletin board with their goals posted.  No names will be shown, so come in during Catholic Schools Week and see if you can guess your child’s resolution.

8th Grade

This week students learned their last grammar strategy: verbals.  We will continue to work on fine tuning our understanding, but from now on, 8th graders will be completing the entire 5-A-Day worksheet on a weekly basis.

Students also began a new literature unit: The Outsiders.  We began our unit discussing how we feel about people who are considered outsiders.  Students enjoyed this discussion using our four corners strategies.  Ask them about these conversations, they enjoyed having them in class.


In grammar, students learned (or reviewed) pronoun shifts.  Students also received a book: The Egypt Game.  This book will segue us nicely into our Egypt unit in social studies in a few weeks.  To open up this unit, we had a class discussion where students got to share their opinions on how they feel about learning history for fun.

American History

We started a unit titled “Citizenship Handbook.”  This unit goes over the basics of our government and constitution. This week we discussed how the ideas behind the Constitution were formulated.  At the end of this unit, the students will take a mock citizenship test to see how they would do if they were required to take a test to earn their citizenship!

Ancient Civilizations

This week we began a new chapter on Mesopotamia.  This unit talks about the beginning of cities and government.  Students are learning how to take notes from lecture.  We are talking about how to set up their pages for notes, how and why they should use multiple colors, and what to do with their notes after a lecture.

Upcoming Events:


  • 16th MON No School
  • 18th WED Bake Sale
  • 20th FRI Noon Dismiss (teacher work day)
  • 29th SUN Open House – come visit us after Mass!
  • 29th– 3rd Catholic Schools Week
  • 31st  TUE Career Day Presentations


  • 3rd FRI Report Cards go home
  • 3rd FRI Noon Dismiss
  • 8th WED Noon Dismiss (teacher work day)
  • 11th SAT Gala- get your tickets soon!
  • 17th Daddy Daughter Dance
  • 20th MON No School
  • 24th FRI Middle School Dance- “Winter Glam”

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