Wilkins Class Update: Week #17

Wilkins’ Winners:

I want to give a shout out to Michael.  Michael took the initiative this week to make sure he got help for his portfolio.  I admire students who take the time to ask for help to make sure they are on top of their assignments.  While I mentioned Quinn last week I wanted to mention that I also gave him a Cool Christian Wednesday after Mass this week.  It is my goal for the new year to give out at least one Cool Christian a week.  We’ve got great students and I look forward to sharing their excellence with you.

Top Dojo Point Earners

6th graders: Ardy

7th graders: Maya

8th grader: Brett


I cannot let this week go by without acknowledging the hard work the 8th graders have put into their portfolios.  These portfolios are one of the biggest assignments the 8th graders have each year.  They work on putting together a book that showcases their work that supports how they embody the Student Learning Expectations.  Today students turned in 10 Assignment Reflection Sheets, 6 full page reflection sheets, and 10 photographs.  In May, the students will present their work.  This is an event that will be open to all St. Mary parents.  Please consider stopping by in the spring to share in their hard work.

Language Arts

8th Grade

This week in grammar, 8th graders continued to work on understanding verbals.  We are also in full swing reading The Outsiders, a classic novel by S.E. Hinton.  Students are enjoying the book, and I am using this novel to have students practice characterization and plot diagramming.  They are also working on gathering quotes to write an essay on their chosen topic to describe a theme behind the book.

6th & 7th Grade

6th grade students were able to quickly pick up on possessive nouns.  This was the final grammar skill they needed to learn to be able to fully complete their 5-A-Day worksheet.

7th grade students were also introduced to their final grammar skill, misplaced and dangling modifiers.  This, too, was their last grammar skill.

We also began reading the book The Egypt Game.  Students are pulling details about characters from the book and we’ve talked about point of view and plot diagramming.

8th Grade Social Studies

We continued the Citizenship Handbook and we are talking about the principles and structures of the Constitution as well as how the Constitution sets up the three branches of government.  We also talked about freedom of speech after watching a short video on Congressman Duncan Hunter and the ‘Cops as Pigs’ issue from this week in Congress.

6th/7th Social Studies

We finished taking notes on Mesopotamia and students chose projects to expand on their knowledge of the subject.  We not only covered the content from the chapter, but we also talked about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Upcoming Events:


  • 16th MON No School
  • 18th WED Bake Sale
  • 20th FRI Noon Dismiss (teacher work day)
  • 29th SUN Open House – come visit us after Mass!
  • 28th– 3rd Catholic Schools Week
  • 29th TUE Career Day Presentations


  • 3rd FRI Report Cards go home
  • 3rd FRI Noon Dismiss
  • 8th WED Noon Dismiss (teacher work day)
  • 11th SAT Gala- get your tickets soon!
  • 17th Daddy Daughter Dance
  • 20th MON No School
  • 24th FRI Middle School Dance- “Winter Glam”

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