Wilkins Class Update: Week #18

Wilkins’ Winners:

6th & 7th grade students have been working hard on their vocabulary journals (fondly known as Mr. Stick).  I wanted to acknowledge Peyton and Aaron for doing an excellent job this week on their work!  I also gave an “SMS Cool Christian” to Chapel this week.  Chapel is dependable in her work and is a great role model for all who know her!  Thanks Chapel for your example!

Top Dojo Point Earners

6th graders:  Daniel

7th graders:  Raymond

8th grader:   Michael!!

Growth Mindset Bulletin Board

This week I began to talk to the students about celebrating a growth mindset.  We talked about how we should celebrate when we are not perfect because those are the moments when we actually learn something.  We will be creating a celebration board (window).  Look for it when you stop by next Sunday at our Open House!

Language Arts

We are working on plot diagramming and characterization in all three grades while reading the class novels (The Outsiders for 8th grade and The Egypt Game for 6th & 7th).

6th & 7th graders worked on understanding what characterization is and the different ways an author will characterize a person in the book.  They also looked at the different ways a character develops a plot by identifying pieces of the rising action in the book.

The 8th graders worked on writing verbal poetry and we discussed moods that matched the mood of the poetry they wrote.  They also began to take notes on the characters in the books that best matched their personalities.

8th Grade Social Studies

Students read about and discussed how to Amend the Constitution as well as reviewed the role of our state and local government.  We also began to create a book on the Constitution to help students better understand this great document.

6th/7th Social Studies

Students took a test on Mesopotamia and began working on their Mesopotamia projects.  We also talked about how to properly cite books when creating a bibliography.  They will use this skill to write their bibliography of the books and websites they used to create their projects.

Mesopotamia Projects Due Monday 1/23/17

Upcoming Events:


  • 29th SUN Open House – come visit us after Mass!
  • 28th– 3rd Catholic Schools Week
  • 29th TUE Career Day Presentations


  • 3rd FRI Report Cards go home
  • 3rd FRI Noon Dismiss
  • 8th WED Noon Dismiss (teacher work day)
  • 11th SAT Gala- get your tickets soon!
  • 17th Daddy Daughter Dance
  • 20th MON No School
  • 24th FRI Middle School Dance- “Winter Glam”

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