Wilkins Class Update: Week #21

Wilkins Winners

This week I have to give a huge shout out to all of middle school.  The Spelling Bee was such a huge success that I cannot write a message without honoring all the students and their hard work.  The students did so well that we ran out of spelling words and I had to find new words that the students had not studied.

Congratulations to Peyton Farmer for winning the school-wide spelling bee.  He will be representing our school on March 23rd.  Keep him in your prayers.  We’ll be rooting for you Peyton!

My Cool Christian this week is Dana Ortiz.  Dana is always willing to help in the classroom, even when it requires her to miss her recess.  Thank you Dana for your extra help this week!

Top Dojo Point Earners:

8th: Brett Wilkins

7th: Helena Romero

6th: Dana Ortiz

8th Grade Social Studies

We finished up making our Constitution Notebooks and the students should be fairly informed of their constitutional rights.

6th/7th Grade Social Studies

In Ancient History, we officially began our unit on Egypt.  We began by taking a close look at the geography of Egypt, specifically the Nile.

Language Arts:

The spelling bee was our major focus for the first half of the week.  As mentioned above, the students did fantastic!  The second half of the week we picked up where we were with our novels.  8th grade is fine-tuning their essay on The Outsiders.  We also watched West Side Story and compared and contrasted the two story-lines through plot diagramming.

6th and 7th graders continue to read the book The Egypt Game.  We’ve been looking at sentences and deciphering complex, compound-complex sentences from the book, as well as creating our own.

Upcoming Events:


  • 8th grade in charge of Mass this month
  • 11th SAT- Gala- I’ll see you there!
  • 17th FRI- Daddy Daughter Dance
  • 22nd WED- Bake Sale
  • 24th FRI- Middle School Dance “Winter Glam”
  • 28th TUE- Fat Tuesday Celebration


  • 7th Grade in charge of Mass this month
  • 1st WED- Ash Wednesday
  • 3rd FRI- 8th grade leads Stations of the Cross
  • 4th SAT- Academic Decathlon
  • 10th FRI- 7th grade leads Stations of the Cross
  • 17th FRI- 6th grade leads Stations of the Cross
  • 20th MON- Mrs. Johnston’s birthday
  • 24th FRI- Stations of the Cross
  • 31st FRI- Stations of the Cross

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