Wilkins Room Update: Week #22

Wilkins Winners

Lauren gets the Cool Christian this week for her extra work in discovering why the Republican party is represented by an elephant.

Top Dojo Point Earners

6th-Aleidy & Namie

7th– Peyton & Aaron

8th– Makenna & Brett tied

8th Grade Social Studies

We began our unit on the beginning of the nation under president Washington.  Students learned about how our country started under great economic crisis.  They are also beginning to understand how political parties began, and glimpses of reasons for the Civil War are pointed out repeatedly.

6th/7th Grade Social Studies

Students continued to learn about Egypt.  They began their projects on preparing for the burial of our pharaoh that we are in the process of embalming.  We changed “his” natron (the substance used for embalming) and saw how the natron pulled the liquid from the body so the body can mummify without decay.  We will continue this process for another couple of weeks.

Language Arts:

8th graders finished their essays on The Outsiders and completed their final project.  This project is an art project combined with a writing project.  Students compared themselves to the characters in the book and then wrote a Claim-Data-Warrant paragraph to prove their claim.  They then drew a picture of themselves and the character as one.

In 6th & 7th grade, students finished reading The Egypt Game.  They also finished writing their notecards that had quotes on it from the book.  We took these notecards and organized them into three piles.  These piles were then used to write a thesis statement.  We talked about how to write a strong Claim-Data-Warrant essay using the quotes as their data.  This week we focused on writing a thesis statement and introductory paragraph.

Upcoming Events:


  • 22nd WED- Bake Sale
  • 24th FRI- Middle School Dance “Winter Glam”
  • 28th TUE- Fat Tuesday Celebration


  • 7th Grade in charge of Mass this month
  • 1st WED- Ash Wednesday
  • 3rd FRI- 8th grade leads Stations of the Cross
  • 4th SAT- Academic Decathlon
  • 10th FRI- 7th grade leads Stations of the Cross
  • 16th THU- Parent Information Night on Washington D.C. 6:30 location T.B.A.
  • 17th FRI- 6th grade leads Stations of the Cross
  • 20th MON- Mrs. Johnston’s birthday
  • 24th FRI- Stations of the Cross
  • 31st FRI- Stations of the Cross

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