Wilkins Class Update: Week #23

Wilkins Winners

Ardy is my standout student this week.  I’ve seen Ardy take charge of our candy-grams and it became a totally student-run event.  I’m really proud of her leadership with this activity.

Top Dojo Points:

8th: Ashley

7th: Mariano

6th: Namie & Aleidy


8th Grade Social Studies

8th graders finished the chapter on the beginning of our nation under the leadership of George Washington.  We talked about the president’s cabinet and how it first was established.  We also talked about the fact that political parties were not something that Washington wanted for our country.

6th/7th Grade Social Studies

Students worked this week on their mummy projects.  Students were put into groups to create a specific aspects of what is burried with a pharaoh when he dies.  Here are some of the projects that students are creating: a sarcophagus, canopic jars, amulets, and death notices. They are becoming experts and will be teaching the class about what they have learned.  Ask your student which group they are in and have them explain to you what they are learning.

Language Arts:

8th graders began their research-writing unit on the 1930s.  This is an essay that will teach the students about the events and the people of that time.  Getting familiar with this era will help the students better understand the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, which we will be reading once the research paper and presentations are complete.

6th and 7th graders are working on their essays for The Egypt Game.  We’ve been dissecting a five paragraph essay and really concentrating on creating well-formed parts before putting it together.

We also worked on creating a visual plot diagram for The Egypt Game.  Students were put into groups and are making posters to show the development of the story.

Upcoming Events:


  • TONIGHT (Friday)- Middle School Dance “Winter Glam”
  • 27th MON- Last day to buy Candy Grams
  • 28th TUE- Candy Grams are handed out
  • 28th TUE- Fat Tuesday Celebration


  • 7th Grade in charge of Mass this month
  • 1st WED- Ash Wednesday
  • 3rd FRI- 8th grade leads Stations of the Cross
  • 4th SAT- Academic Decathlon
  • 10th FRI- 7th grade leads Stations of the Cross
  • 17th FRI- 6th grade leads Stations of the Cross
  • 20th MON- Mrs. Johnston’s birthday
  • 24th FRI- Stations of the Cross
  • 31st FRI- Stations of the Cross

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