Wilkins Class Update: Week #24

Wilkins Winners

My student of the month for February is Nicholas. I have seen Nick take his job seriously in student council.  He facilitates student jobs and is a great addition to our student council.  Congratulations Nick for your leadership this month!

Top Dojo Point Earners

8th grade: Makenna

7th grade: Donald

6th grade: Quinn

8th Grade Social Studies

The students learned about the scandalous election of the 1800s and how it was a revolutionary event.  They also learned about how the Louisiana Purchase was a difficult decision for Jefferson to make based on his ideals of the Constitution.

6th/7th Grade Social Studies

This week in social studies, the students worked more on their mummy project.  They are having fun creating their specific pieces and should be done by next week.

Language Arts:

In both grades, we are reading the children’s book Theodore Boone, by John Grisham.  I am using this novel to prepare 7th and 8th graders for a future field trip where they will be able to participate in a Youth in Court Day.  This is an opportunity for students to participate in a mock trial in a real court in the Vista Court House.  I am waiting for a day to open up for us before we can officially schedule this date.

6th & 7th graders completed their plot diagrams this week.  They also got to present them in front of Fr. Eugene who delighted in watching their presentation skills.  He was excited to have the students teach him about what a plot diagram was!

8th graders worked all week in the computer lab writing their essays and putting together their PowerPoint for next week.  I conferenced with students individually based on their last essay they turned in to make sure they understand where their strengths and weaknesses are in writing.

Upcoming Events


  • 7th grade in charge of Mass this month
  • 10th FRI- 6th/7th grade leads Stations of the Cross
  • 16th THU- Parent Information Night about Washington D.C. Trip for 6th & 7th graders
  • 17th FRI- staff leads Stations of the Cross
  • 20th MON- Mrs. Johnston’s birthday
  • 23rd THU- Peyton at the County Spelling Bee
  • 24th FRI- Stations of the Cross
  • 26th SUN- 5:30 School Mass
  • 31st FRI- Stations of the Cross


  • 7th FRI- Minimum Day
  • 13th THU- Holy Thursday
  • 14th FRI- Good Friday
  • 16th SUN- Easter
  • 17th-22nd MON~FRI- 8th Grade Trip to Washington D.C.!!!!!


4th THU- May Crowning

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