Week 2: August 31, 2018

Happy Labor Day weekend! This week marked our first week ofcurriculum. We began reading in our literature series with a storycalled “Broken Chain” by Gary Soto. This story led to discussionson self image, review of plot, introduction to subplots and parallelepisodes. Students also took the STAR assessment. This is a pre-assessment that allows the teachers to see how we can bestsupport your child’s learning. With this information I can help yourchild set reading goals for the semester.

We have a bulletin board in our class called “Words to Grow By.”This board will be for words that will stretch student vocabulary.They will not be tested on these words; they are simply to help expand their understanding of higher level thinking. This week’sword was deus ex machina. This is a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly solved by a seemingly unlikely source. While the story we read was not solved by a deus ex machina, the surprise ending was a great way to introduce the terminology.

I also sent out book orders with students this week. As you mayremember, this is a great way to fill your reading library at home,and your purchase allows me to buy books to fill the class library.You can send cash or checks payable to either Scholastic bookclub or me, Christy Wilkins, or you can order online with a creditcard at:
All orders are due next Friday, September 7th. Thank you for your support.

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