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We are using Class Dojo in Middle School to stay connected with parents this year.  I have found this is the fastest way for us to stay in contact.  This is a system that uses both email and text to communicate based on your preference.  It allows you control over what you see.  We as teachers use it to monitor student behavior but we will also send pictures out of what is going on in the classroom.    If you are not already connected let me know and I will send you a link to connect to our class.  Go to for more information.

If you prefer emailing me direct:



This is a trial run of posting homework through this site.  Please bear with me as I decide if this is going to work.  To see the current week’s homework follow these links:

 8th – Language Arts

8th- American History

8th- Portfolio Assignments

6th/7th- Ancient Civilizations

6th/7th- Language Arts

  • All 5-A-Day problems are due from now on- unless indicated by Mrs. Wilkins



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